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January 23, 2018

Living by the sea is better for your health!

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Living by the sea is better for your health!

We already know that living in the countryside is fantastic for your mental health, with green spaces often seen as de-stressing environments that have a positive impact on your wellbeing, but it turns out that living by the sea might be even better still.

Here are four reasons why you may want to move to the coast right now:

Sea air helps you sleep better – “Sea air is good for sleep because it is generally cleaner and fresher air, with higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep,” Dr Natasha Bijlani, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, London.  “The sound of waves can be very soothing to the brain. If you relax, this can help clear the mind, lower stress levels and strengthen your immune system.

The sea helps you relax and distress – The seaside is also often linked to happy holidays for most people, and is associated with feeling relaxed, calm and rested.   As you take in the vastness of the ocean before you, it can also help put things into perspective. Small worries may seem unimportant as you look in awe at the coming waves.

You’re more likely to exercise – Living by the sea is like having your own massive swimming pool, which offers you the chance to exercise for free. You don’t need to join a gym to use pool facilities, but can just head on down to the beach for no cost at all.   Swimming in the sea not only offers a mental break but is great for your physical health too, helping manage weight, decreasing risk of heart disease, and lowering blood pressure.   Swimming is not the only form of exercise that is available by the coast though. You can take part in sailing, surfing, coastal walking, and wildlife watching, and more. The environment can be a great motivator.

Living by the sea is more calming than green spaces – Clearly, living by the sea is more calming than staying in towns and cities. But according to a 2016 study, it’s actually even more calming than green spaces. This is because the sea is all natural and provides a sense of space, openness and fresh air.   Historically, people who have been unwell are often told to have a break or a holiday near the sea to improve their health. These uncrowded places can reduce stress levels.

So if you don’t live by the coast, you could always book that much-deserved seaside holiday to feel the benefits of coastal living.

Sabinillas Beach

Sabinillas Beach


August 20, 2013

Residencial Duquesa, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain – 4th Phase Released

The 4th phase of the popular Residencial Duquesa development was released yesterday.

Apartments for sale in Residencial Duquesa Manilva Costa del Sol Spain

This development is fantastically located within walking distance to the bars and restaurants in La Duquesa marina, the banks and shops of Sabinillas and some of the sandy beaches of the municipality of Manilva.

With Malaga International airport 1 hour away and just 30 minutes from Gibraltar Airport, it is the perfect location for holidays or full time living.

Aerial View of Residencial Duquesa Manilva Costa del Sol Spain

Prices start at just €91,200 for these modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with 100% finance optional.

For more information and details of availability please contact info@barringtonhomes.eu or call +34 952 936 216



August 1, 2013

Is it a good time to buy a property in Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain?

When is it a good time to buy a property in Manilva?

Marina in La Duquesa, Manilva

Well if your personal circumstances are ready and you can afford it, now is a great time to buy in Manilva as life is too short to put off doing something that will improve your quality of life.

Manilva is a place that holds many of the factors needed to live a very high quality of life. The climate, the scenery, the culture, the health care, the infrastructure, the leisure activities and the community spirit of the people contribute to it being a very special place to live a high quality of life at not such a high cost.

La Duquesa Golf Course, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

Property prices have come back down to a sensible level, the lowest that they have been in 15 years and in some cases half the price of what they cost in 2007.  People are buying again and the best properties on the market at realistic prices are being sold quickly.

Manilva Municipality Spain

At the same time Manilva has matured into a beautiful holiday resort with La Duquesa marina, La Duquesa golf course, La Duquesa castle and Sabinillas town centre all within walking distance of each other along a lovely promenade next to miles of “blue flag” awarded sandy beaches.

Duquesa Castle to Duquesa Marina Promenade

If you would like to know more about the area please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu to request a free copy of our expat guide to Manilva.

For more information on the properties we have for sale please search our website http://www.barringtonhomes.eu/ or email us at info@barringtonhomes.eu and one of our sales agents will be happy to help you find your dream home in Spain.

July 26, 2013

Sabinillas Foam Party – Saturday 27th July 2013


On Saturday 27th July 2013 there is going to be a “Foam Party” on the beach in Sabinillas, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain in front of La Noria from 18.00

Sabinillas Foam Party

July 13, 2013

Flamenco Fashion Show in Manilva


Tonight, Saturday 13th July 2013, at 9pm there is going be a Flamenco Fashion Show at Plaza Vicente Espinal which is just behind the taxi rank opposite the pharmacy in Sabinillas, Manilva, Spain.

Flamenco Fashion Show in Sabinillas Manilva

For more information contact the Tourism Department in Puerto de la Duquesa Tel 952897434.




June 29, 2013

Britain in the Sun – Gibraltar

We have been watching with amusement the Channel 5 documentary series following the lives of the residents on Gibraltar.


We love Gibraltar.  It is a unique and interesting place steeped in history and full of characters from all over the world that have made Gibraltar their home.

When you visit Gibraltar you do feel like you have walked into a town in Great Britain.  Except of course for the monkeys or Barbary Apes to be precise.

Monkey in Gibraltar on the look out for food

Watch out there’s a monkey about that might nick your food!

Gibraltar Barbary Ape enjoying stolen packet of crisps

Cheeky Gibraltar Monkey eating stolen bag of crisps

You see red telephone boxes dotted about and the police force wear a uniform that is similar to the British “bobby on the beat”.

Main Street Gibraltar is reminiscent of a typical British High Street with shops such as Marks and Spencers, BHS, Top Shop, Peacocks, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Next, Monsoon, Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Hallmark and Burger King located there.

There is also a large Morrisons Supermarket and MacDonalds restaurant located a 10 minute walk from Main Street and recently Eroski Supermarket has opened near the border which stocks 100’s of Waitrose products.

Gibraltar holds a special place in the hearts of many British Expats who have chosen to live in Spain.  Having Gibraltar nearby helps you feel closer to home and softens the impact of moving to a foreign country with a foreign language.View from beach in Manilva in winter to Gibraltar

I know there are 100s of expats living in Spain who make a monthly trip to Gibraltar to stock up on their favourite British foods and buy cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

Gibraltar is also special to many expats living in Spain as it is their source of income i.e where they work.

Employment is in abundance in Gibraltar and the market is dominated by the finance and gaming industries.

Manilva, La Duquesa, Sabinillas and Casares have become very popular locations within the commuter belt to Gibraltar as they are just a 30 minute picturesque drive away and the quality of life is second to none.

If you are thinking about moving to Spain or Gibraltar or buying a holiday home and would like to know more about our area,  I have written a 200 page guide on Manilva Municipality – An Expat Residents Guide To One Of The Best Places In The World To Live.

If you would like me to send you a free copy of this guide please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu

November 29, 2012

Arts and Craft Market in the Park at Villa Matilde, Manilva, 1st December 2012

This Saturday 1st December there will be an Arts and Crafts Market, organised by the Councillor of Education and Culture, Eva Galindo.  It will take place in the Park of  Villa Matilde (near Supersol on the road up to Manilva Pueblo).

Art and craft market Manilva

Art and Craft market in Manilva

40 artists will be participating in this initiative displaying painting, sculpture, crafts, workshops and art in general.

This art and crafts market will begin at 10: 00 and will run until 18: 00 h.   During the day you will be able to see artworks of all kinds performed with different artistic techniques. The artists will develop some of their works in situ for the enjoyment of all lovers of art.

Manilva’s Culture department aims for this market to set a precedent for future markets which will be held one Saturday every month at Villa Matilde.   Eligible artists of our municipality interested in displaying their works of art can contact the delegation of culture on 952 893 092.