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Casares is the home of Blas Infante, the founder of Andalucia. This tiny village of only 3000 residents is deceptive at first but after closer inspection castles, churches, tapas bars, fountains and plazas are numerous, traditional and not to mention beautiful.

The approach to Casares is in itself spectacular. The vast expanses of undulating and rugged countryside begin the excellent view of the Sierra Bermeja Mountains and miles of coastline.

Upon first sight of Casares you will be stunned by the beauty of such a village delicately perched on the mountainside. It is the epitome of a classic Spanish whitewash village setting and makes one wonder how it was ever constructed.

The battlements of the Arab castle are at the crest of the village. This, coupled with the “Mirador” viewpoint are the best vantage points to appreciate endless countryside rolling down the valley to the coast, Gibraltar and North Africa.

This truly is a remarkable village. It is a pleasure to lose yourself within the network of tiny streets and walkways whilst enjoying every detail of this unique place. As yet this still remains another secret of the Costa del Sol. This place is a must for all as it is only 9 miles from the coast yet feels like another world and time.

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