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March 2, 2016

Feeling a little bit jealous of everyone in Sierra Nevada right now

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I have been looking at the webcams for Sierra Nevada in Granada this morning as my buddies have headed up there for a few days.  Here is the link:  http://sierranevada.es/es/webcams/

Slightly envious, but as I am not able to ski due to my knee surgery I can only look on from the sidelines, instead I can sit and watch, admiring the scenery, watching the children learning – who always seem to have no fear and adapt so quickly.  From what I can see, it looks like lots of powder and approx 70 Kms of skiing area.  Nice!

If you have never ventured further than the beaches and ports of Malaga, you are missing out.  Depending on your driving technique, just 2 -3 hours north is Sierra Nevada in the Provence of Granada.  This mountain range is truly beautiful with the snow at this time of year and the ski station is a brilliant place to learn and experience après ski.

My recommendation is get up that little bit early, say 6.00 and drive to get there for 8.30 – 9  (you will miss the traffic up the mountain road this way).  Hire your gear if you have none and there are plenty of shops who will help you if you are new to this, but remember your ID.  Get straight up to the first station – sometimes there are queues, so best to get through and up and have breakfast there.  Once you have had a little brekkie, head up on to the different areas, depending on your level and enjoy this relaxed chilled out environment.  By about 14.30 you will be ready to come home and ski all the way to the bottom if you have the energy, hand back you gear and head back to Malaga and have dinner by the coast.  Perfect day eh!  Love to hear from anyone who is going there this year and your experiences as I am very very jealous!  Oh and if anyone is brave enough for the night skiing, really interested in hearing of your experiences.



December 10, 2013

Hipica Park Childrens Play Park

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Manilva and the Costa del Sol in my opinion is a superb place to raise a family and also for family holidays. At this time of year indoor play centres are a fantastic place to stay warm and have a great time. There are numerous indoor play centres within a 30 minute drive from Duquesa including La Galaxia, Kidz Kingdom and Pequeland are amongst the most popular. Our familys favourite is Hipica Park based in Sotogrande.

Hipica Park Indoor Play Area

Hipica Park Indoor Play Area

Facilities at Hipica Park include a large indoor soft play area, Cafeteria, bouncy castles, karting and large outdoor play park. The adjoining Sotogrande Hipica horse stables and La Reserva Golf and cork forest make the setting very tranquil and picturesque.

Hipica Park Outdoor Play Area

Hipica Park Outdoor Play Area

Entry per child is only 5€ for 1/2 day and 10€ for a full day. Hipica Park also offer excellent party facilities as well as hosting many parties throughout the year for only 5€. This year they are celebrating their 3rd Christmas Party. Entry is only 5€ and there will even be a visit from Papa Noel !! Barrington Homes have a great selection of villas, Townhouses and Apartments in Sotogrande. Click this link to view Barrington Homes luxury Sotogrande properties

Hipica Park 2013 Xmas Party

Hipica Park 2013 Xmas Party

November 4, 2013

Its not everyday an Owl lands on your head….

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A family day out to La Pequena Africa was memorable to day the least. After the initial shock of being surrounded by Osterich, dear and an array of goats, sheep and birds i actually thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience. After all its not every day you get to lunch within 10 meters of a zeal of Zebras.

Osterich in La Pequena Africa

Osterich in La Pequena Africa

La Pequena Africa is located in Estacion de Jimena next to the the picturesque village of Jimena de la Frontera.

Location Map of La Pequena Africa

Location Map of La Pequena Africa

La Pequena Africa have truly tried to replicate the experience of being in Africa starting with a jungle walk leading to an open hillside trail where the majority of animals roam free. The dangerous animals including, camels, tigers and large buffalo are of course caged. At the summit of the hillside there is a small lake where you can enjoy boat rides and an open area where the birds are displayed. One of the highlight of our day was my daughter being selected from the crowd to have a hat and meat placed on her head for an Owl to come and swoop and land on.

La Pequena Africa Bird Show

La Pequena Africa Bird Show

La Pequena Africa is superb value for money. The entrance prices are 12€ for adults and 6€ for children which includes the bird display, boat rides, pony rides and a craft activities. The staff couldnt be more helpful and there is a superb and excellently priced restaurant. Its is open every weekend and bank holiday apart from July and August. This is a great family day out and one that i would highly recommend. For more information view their website or i they actually recommend to like them on Facebook to receive opening days updates.

Jimena de la Frontera is one of my favourite Andalucian white villages. Take a look at a superb property Barrington Homes have for sale in Jimena de la Frontera

August 19, 2013

Rock Jumping Fun in Manilva, Costa del Sol

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Manilva Municipality has 7.8km of coastline ranging from the “Blue Flag” sandy beaches of Sabinillas and La Duquesa to the pebbly and rocky coastline near Punta Chullera.

Punta Chullera Beach Manilva

If you love rock jumping there is a pebbly beach near Punta Chullera where the braver kids, teenagers and adults love to jump off the rocks.


Rock Jumping in Manilva


Rock diving Manilva

Which is your favourite beach in Manilva?

Please leave a comment below or email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu



Costa Water Park Now In Sabinillas, Manilva

The offshore inflatable assault course a bit like the course on the TV show “Total Wipe-out” has proved such a success in Elviria, Marbella, that they opened another one at Mistral Beach near Puerto Banus, Marbella and now in Sabinillas, Manilva!

Costa Water Park like Total Wipeout Near Puerto Banus

Costa Water Park Near Puerto Banus, Marbella

It is excellent fun for (nearly ) all the family although it can be quite exhausting.
Costa Water Park Sabinillas

 Inflatable fun in Sabinillas, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

Inflatable in the sea in Sabinillas, Manilva, Costa del Sol



Inflatables in the sea in Sabinillas, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

For just 10€ per hour it is a great value way of getting fit and having fun at the same time.

For more information see http://www.costawaterpark.com/

What is your favourite thing to do when on holiday?

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August 11, 2013

Sotogrande Polo tournament 2013

Every summer Sotogrande, the neighbouring seaside resort to Manilva,  is the venue for one of the biggest polo tournaments of the year.  Top polo clubs from all over the world relocate to Sotogrande for the summer with their top polo horses and polo players to compete in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cup Tournaments.

Polo Sotogrande - Santa Maria Polo Club


The rich, famous and royalty flock to Sotogrande to watch the exciting matches which is open to all.  Entry to watch the matches is normally free except for the Gold cup grand finale where a small entrance free is usually charged.

Below is the timetable for the rest of the matches this summer:

Sotogrande Polo - silver cup timetable

Sotogrande Polo Timetable

Sotogrande Polo Tournament - Gold Cup Timetable

Sotogrande Polo Tournament - Gold Cup Timetable

Sotogrande Polo Tournament - Gold Cup Timetable

Sotogrande Polo Tournament - Gold Cup Timetable

If you have any events within a 50 mile radius of Manilva that you would like to be promoted please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu.


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August 10, 2013

Family Fun at Manilva Fair, Costa del Sol, Spain

Manilva Feria is in full swing and there are still two nights left if you want a fun night out whilst staying in the La Duquesa area.

Manilva Fair, Costa del Sol, Spain

The atmosphere is electric with children and adults of all ages having a great night out.

Manilva Feria 2013 childrens rides

If you are crazy enough and enjoy losing your stomach and being bounced around, the Super Saltamonte is one of the most popular rides at Manilva Fair.

Manilva Fair,Super Saltamonte,  La Duquesa, Costa del Sol

If you have a head for heights and love speed then this high rocking boat gets the adrenaline going.

Manilva Feria High rocking boat, Costa del Sol, Spain

When I was younger the health and safety laws where I lived didn’t allow you to bump into each other in the bumper cars and you had to “dodgem”.  Not the case here in Manilva and they seem to go faster than ever before.  Be careful you dont get whiplash and keep your hands and legs inside the car!  Fantastic fun though.

Manilva Fair bumber cars, Costa del Sol, Spain

Why spend thousands going to Florida in America when Disney World is right here in Manilva!

Disney world Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

This crazy man in a dress and his train is at Manilva Feria every year.  Does anyone know if he has ever misjudged the tunnel and been knocked off?

Manilva Fair 2013 La Duquesa, Costa del sol, Spain

This dancing bull ride is great fun and popular with the kids.  Can you stay on?

Manilva Feria dancing bull ride, Costa del Sol, Spain

The kids also love dancing in this ride and trying to stay upright.

Manilva Fair,near La Duquesa, Costa del Sol, Spain

There are still two nights left of the fair including the following events:

Saturday 10th August 2013

7.30 pm Grand parade through the streets of El Castillo de La Duquesa and Sabinillas accompanied by the “Chi Chi Pom” marching band. It leaves the Castle in El Castillo de La Duquesa at 7.30 pm and La Noria in Sabinillas around 8 pm (timings approximate).

10 pm Clown performance in the children’s zone of the main pavillion.

11 pm Performance by comedian Tony Rodríguez.

Midnight Music and dance in the main pavillion to the sounds of “Costa Pop”.  This is followed by resident DJ and hits from the 80s, 90s and modern day.

Sunday 11th August 2013

10 pm Magic show in the children’s zone of the main pavillion.

11 pm Performance by comedian Jesús Tapia.

Concert by Hombres G tribute band followed by the latest sounds from the resident DJ.

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If you have a property in the Manilva, La Duquesa, Sabinillas, Casares and Estepona areas and are thinking of selling or renting it out for holidays, please contact info@barringtonhomes.eu to discuss your options.





August 7, 2013

Manilva Fair 2013 €1 rides for children tonight

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Manilva Feria officially opens tomorrow night (Thursday 8th August 2013) but today, for the first time, Manilva is going to celebrate “Childrens Day” day at the fair.

Manilva Fair Childrens Rides

Further to the requests from local families, Manilva Town Hall Fiestas department has arranged with the Fairground organisers to have a special night tonight dedicated to children to make it affordable so that many families in the area can take their children their to enjoy the attractions.

Therefore tonight, Wednesday 7th August 2013, the rides will be open to children for just €1 a ride.

Manilva Town Hall has also arranged that the the cost of the majority of rides from Thursday to Sunday will be €2 with the exception of rides holding less than 10 people in which case the price will be €2.50.

Manilva Fair is located at the site of the Sabinillas Sunday Market along the road to the Roman Oasis.

Its a great evening out for all the family and there are normally a few rides there that you will never forget!

Which is your favourite ride at the fair?

Please leave a comment below or email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu



August 3, 2013

Banana boat fun in La Duquesa, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

If you are looking for fun and exciting things to do in the La Duquesa area then a trip on the banana boat is well worth a go.

Duquesa Activities Banana Boat Trip

Not only is it fast and exhilarating but the views of La Duquesa, Sabinillas, Manilva and Estepona from the sea are breathtaking.

A ride on the banana boat costs €20 per person but if you gather a group together and speak to Pedro at Duquesa Activities he will give you a special rate.

Duquesa Activies www.duquesaactivites.com offer a wide range of nautical activities including boat trips, fishing trips, scuba diving, kayaking, wake-boarding and the banana boat ride.  They also offer land and air based activities such as wind karting and para triking.  For more information visit their website www.duquesaactivities.com or call 664 483 599.

What activities do you like doing on holiday?

Please leave a comment below or email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu

A great family evening out in La Duquesa, Manilva

La Duquesa improves every year and has become a fantastic place to go out to for the evening with street entertainers, markets and a wonderful selection of excellent restaurants to choose from.

Amazing street performers in La Duquesa

There is a great atmosphere at La Duquesa Marina with different generations of families enjoying an evening out together.  The place is bustling with people browsing the market stalls or watching their children on the carousel or rides.

Summer evening in La Duquesa

There is a wonderful new “pedal powered” carousel at Puerto de La Duquesa marina ridden by Carlos who delights the little kids by passing them sweets as they spin around.

At El Castillo de La Duquesa there is a Medieval Market with  a wonderful variety of stalls offering a wide range of goods from hand made leather items to silicon iphone covers.

Medieval Market at El Castillo de La Duquesa

The Medieval Market at El Castillo de La Duquesa, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

El Castillo de La Duquesa Medieval Market

Along the promenade there is a big inflatable “Bart Simpson”bouncy castle, slide and trampolines and a basketball area for the children.

Bouncy Castle fun area for children in La Duquesa

“The Simpsons” inflatable fun zone on the promenade between La Duquesa Marina and La Duquesa Castle

La Duquesa fun zone for children

If you are planning an evening out in La Duquesa I would suggest perhaps you park in the car park near  La Duquesa Castle and walk along the promenade to the Marina for a meal or even try one of the restaurants in the village of El Castillo de La Duquesa itself.

Where is your favourite place to go out to in the evening with your family and why?

Please leave a comment below or email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu.

If you haven’t booked your summer holiday yet and would like to visit La Duquesa,  www.barringtonholidays.com have some wonderful new properties on their books available to rent.

Please contact Jessica at info@barringtonholidays.com for more information.



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