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June 30, 2013

The school run to Manilva

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We are a week into our nearly 3 month school holidays and my stress levels are falling nicely.

Life has become calmer as I don’t need to nag the kids to get ready for school or do their homework or rush them so that we get to the various after school activities on time .

It also means that I dont have to do the school run up and down to Manilva several times a day.

Autumn morning in Manilva

What is your school run like?

Mine is a crazy ten minutes that bombards the senses and leaves me needing a bit of calm and tranquility.
It starts with the 4 kids arguing over who sits where and then is followed by them arguing over whether they can have the music loud or not.  The girls normally win and then we are subjected to Jessie J or Taylor Swift or some other chart topper (Gangnam style is popular with the boys too) blasting the cobwebs out of our ears.  Three minutes later we are all into the music being played and enjoying the sights on the way to school.
We go the back way to Manilva, past Duquesa Village and La Vizcaronda and we see a menagerie of animals on the way.  Little owls, sheep, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, horses and foals, donkeys, mules and one day we even saw a peacock!
LittleOwl in Manilva
Once we get to Manilva itself the views change again and whichever way you look it is simply stunning or interesting.
Manilva Village to Casares Village Spain in Spring
The journey to work or back home after dropping the kids off at CEIP Pablo Picasso school in Manilva is peaceful and tranquil and the view down the Manilva and Casares valley towards the sea is so breathtaking it helps my mind settle and sets me up for the day.
What is your school run like?

June 29, 2013

Britain in the Sun – Gibraltar

We have been watching with amusement the Channel 5 documentary series following the lives of the residents on Gibraltar.


We love Gibraltar.  It is a unique and interesting place steeped in history and full of characters from all over the world that have made Gibraltar their home.

When you visit Gibraltar you do feel like you have walked into a town in Great Britain.  Except of course for the monkeys or Barbary Apes to be precise.

Monkey in Gibraltar on the look out for food

Watch out there’s a monkey about that might nick your food!

Gibraltar Barbary Ape enjoying stolen packet of crisps

Cheeky Gibraltar Monkey eating stolen bag of crisps

You see red telephone boxes dotted about and the police force wear a uniform that is similar to the British “bobby on the beat”.

Main Street Gibraltar is reminiscent of a typical British High Street with shops such as Marks and Spencers, BHS, Top Shop, Peacocks, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Next, Monsoon, Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Hallmark and Burger King located there.

There is also a large Morrisons Supermarket and MacDonalds restaurant located a 10 minute walk from Main Street and recently Eroski Supermarket has opened near the border which stocks 100’s of Waitrose products.

Gibraltar holds a special place in the hearts of many British Expats who have chosen to live in Spain.  Having Gibraltar nearby helps you feel closer to home and softens the impact of moving to a foreign country with a foreign language.View from beach in Manilva in winter to Gibraltar

I know there are 100s of expats living in Spain who make a monthly trip to Gibraltar to stock up on their favourite British foods and buy cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

Gibraltar is also special to many expats living in Spain as it is their source of income i.e where they work.

Employment is in abundance in Gibraltar and the market is dominated by the finance and gaming industries.

Manilva, La Duquesa, Sabinillas and Casares have become very popular locations within the commuter belt to Gibraltar as they are just a 30 minute picturesque drive away and the quality of life is second to none.

If you are thinking about moving to Spain or Gibraltar or buying a holiday home and would like to know more about our area,  I have written a 200 page guide on Manilva Municipality – An Expat Residents Guide To One Of The Best Places In The World To Live.

If you would like me to send you a free copy of this guide please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu

June 27, 2013

Windkarting in Manilva

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Stuck for ideas for things to do this weekend?

Weather conditions are forecast to be perfect this weekend in Manilva for Wind Karting .

wind karting on Manilva beach

Duquesa Activities  have a special offer  this Sunday 30th June welcoming people to come and try it out for an hour for just €12.

For more information on wind karting see  http://www.duquesaactivities.com/wind-kart-0

To reserve your place contact Duquesa Activities on 664 483 599 or leave a comment below.




Blue Flag awarded to Sabinillas Beach

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Sabinillas Beach in Manilva on the Costa del Sol in Spain has again been awarded the blue flag by the   Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe.

Sabinillas Playa Banda Azul


Beaches are awarded the Blue Flag based on compliance with 32 criteria covering the following:

1) Environmental Education and Information

2) Water Quality

3) Environmental Management

4) Safety and Services
All Blue Flags are awarded for one season at a time.

If the criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag may be withdrawn.


For more information on the blue flag initiative visit http://www.blueflag.org

June 26, 2013

Surfing by La Perla de la Bahia, Casares Costa, Costa del Sol, Spain

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This morning I took some clients to see  some wonderful apartments Barrington Homes have listed for sale in the prestigious urbanisation La Perla de la Bahia  http://www.laperladelabahia.co.uk/.

La Perla de la Bahia is a luxurious beachfront development of Moorish inspired design set amongst mature and lush landscaped gardens.

La Perla de la Bahia Pool and Sea



The urbanisation is divided into four phases with Phase 4 separated from the others by the exclusive Finca Cortesin Beach Club.

Each Phase is comprised of  stylish blocks of beautifully designed 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.  Ground floor apartments with lovely gardens, first floors with great views and penthouses and duplex penthouses with spectacular views and spacious terraces.

One of the pools and communal gardens at La Perla de la Bahia

Its beachfront location and perfect positioning along the coastline means that you will enjoy superb views of the Costa del Sol to the East and Africa and Gibraltar to the West.


Casares beach on the doorstep at duplex penthouse apartment at La Perla de la Bahia, Casares, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

The clients loved all the properties at La Perla that they saw and have gone away to have a good think about which one is the right one for them.

On the way back to the office I stopped and enjoyed the view along the Casares and Manilva Coastline, along Sabinillas beach to Duquesa and beyond and watched a surfer enjoying riding the waves.

If you would like more information on the properties we currently have for sale at La Perla de la Bahia please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu or leave a comment below.




June 23, 2013

Ferrari Club visits Puerto de la Duquesa, Manilva, Spain

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The Ferrari Owners Club of Andalucia held their annual lunch at Il Capitanos Ristorante in Puerto de la Duquesa today, Sunday 23rd June 2013.

Ferrari club in duquesa

Puerto de la Duquesa looked even more like Puerto Banus with its dazzling array of mainly bright red Ferraris lining La Duquesa Marina.

Ferraris in Puerto de la Duquesa

If you live near La Duquesa, Manilva, Spain and you want to see them be quick as they will be finishing their lunch off now and may do a parade as they leave.

Ferrari club of Andalucia in Puerto de la Duquesa


June 21, 2013

Schools out for summer!

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The children of the three Infant and Primary Schools in Manilva Municipality – Pablo Picasso in Manilva Village,  and San Luis and Maicandil in Sabinillas, broke up for the summer today.

The lucky things will have almost 3 months off as they don’t go back to school until the second week in September.

For many parents it is a welcome break from the school runs and the taxi-ing around to all the after school activities and a chance to enjoy the slower pace of life.  But I am sure there are others that panic and think what are they going to do with them for 3 months!

Luckily in Manilva there are plenty of options.

For the parents who work (and for those that dont) there are summer schools and sports camps available at very reasonable prices.

beach volleyball at sabinillas manilva


Patios de Verano – which  is available to children between 3-12 costs just €80 per month for July and August.  The children are looked after at Pablo Picasso school in Manilva or Maicandil in Sabinillas between 9 and 16h.

Summer school information for Manilva Spain


There is also the Unicaja summer camp held at the Colonia Infantiles de Sabinillas where you see hundreds of children enjoying themselves every summer.


There are also various sports camps organised by Manilva Sports department where the children will learn and compete at different beach sports such as volleyball, beach football, beach handball etc


For others it is a time of having fun in the swimming pool,  spending the day on the beach or going on river walks.

How would you spend your 3 month summer holiday?

Please leave a comment below or email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu

June 20, 2013

La Noche de San Juan Beach party in Sabinillas, Manilva 2013

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La Noche de San Juan Beach party in Sabinillas, Manilva, Sunday June 23rd 2013

Every year on the evening of 23rd June, Manilva has a fantastic beach party on the beaches of Sabinillas celebrating the start of the summer,  in honour of St John the Baptist, on the shortest and most magical night of the year

It is known as  “La Noche de San Juan” which is a festivity of pagan origin which celebrates the arrival of the summer solstice  and coincides with the evening celebration before the feast of St John.

It is a night full of rituals, bonfires, fireworks, music, dancing, sardines and bread.

On Sabinillas Beach in Manilva, a large monumental bonfire is constructed a few days before the event which takes the form of a different theme each year. La Noche de San Juan


Originally, the effigies were supposed to represent Judas Iscariot but now, the religious relevance seems to have become secondary to the enjoyment factor but the principle the same.

At midnight these effigies are set fire to to become monumental bonfires.

The pagan purpose of this ritual was to ‘give more force to the Sun’ beacuase as from this day of the year onwards the days are becoming shorter until the winter solstice.

Symbolically the fire also has a ‘purifying’ function in people who watched it

According to tradition, if people jump three times over a bonfire on San Juan’s night, they will be cleansed and purified, and their problems burned away.

This year  festivities begin at 9.15 pm when students from Manilva’s Rhythmic Gymnastics School carry the Blue Flag along Sabinillas promenade from Burger King to the Plaza del Cali where it will be raised in a ceremony involving local dignitaries.

This will be followed by a display of rhythmic gymnastics.

Around 10.15 pm the group  “‘Tentación” will begin their evening’s performance.

At midnight the bonfire will be lit which will be followed by a fireworks display along the beach in front of La Noria.

It is always a fantastic night and one to put in your diary when you plan your holidays or are thinking of things to do when you live in Manilva.

To see a extract of last years event watch this YouTube clip:







June 15, 2013

Lola Boys Welcome Summer Party in La Duquesa

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Lola Boys Summer Party La Duquesa Manilva

The fabulous Lola Boys will be welcoming the summer here in Manilva with a party tonight June 15th at 8pm at Chiringuito Malibu – in front of Los Granados de La Duquesa, Manilva, Spain.

For those of you who havent heard of the Lola Boys yet, they are an international West End cabaret act with over 20 years of professional experience playing lead roles in the West End and internationally.

They bring this experience and their own unique brand of humour to their Lola Boys show which they have been entertaining the residents of Manilva and elsewhere along the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar for several years now.

If you feel like letting your hair down and having good party then going to see the Lola Boys is a must as they really know how to throw a good party.

The dinner and show has been organized by Manilva’s Foreign Residents department and tickets can be bought by contacting 952893548.

June 14, 2013

Manilva Horse Fair 15th June 2013

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Manilva will be celebrating its 3rd Manilva Horse Fair or Feria de Caballo tomorrow Saturday 15th June in Sabinillas.

Feria del Caballo 3

It is being held on the beach to the east of Sabinillas in front of the area known as La Noria.

The event starts at 18.30 with a parade of the participating horses and riders along the streets of Sabinillas.

This will be followed by a number of different equestrian tests and competitions including lancing (with a pole similar to jousting), the ribbon test and a horse race along the beach.

If you are on the Costa del Sol this weekend why not visit Sabinillas to watch this typically spanish event and follow it up with a lovely meal in one of the excellent restaurants in Sabinillas or Puerto de la Duquesa.

For more information please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu or leave a comment below.

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