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November 7, 2014

Sabinillas Skate Park ready to open !

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The youth of Sabinillas are excited as the new Skate park is in the final stages of completion and will open at 5pm on the 13th November 2014. This is a very welcome development for Sabinillas as the sport is ever increasing in popularity and a professional facility would allow participants skills to develop further as well as providing a dedicated area to practice.


Currently some enthusiasts are practicing the various disciplines in local squares or areas that may disturb local residents and both the community as well as skate enthusiasts alike will benefit from this new facility. The skate park is located near Urb. Residencial de la Duquesa and close to Mercadona supermarket. The are numerous parks, green zones and cycle paths in this area making it a very beautiful area, easily accessible and a great area for families.


The Skate Park occupies an area of 880m2 and will include the latest professional facilities including;
1.- 1 Half pipe and mini ramp of  90x490x120 cm.
2.- 1 Quarter pipe of 300x250x120 cm.
3.- 1 Spin of 350x250x120 cm.
4.- 1 Ramp of 360x250x120 cm.
5.- 1 Grindbox or planter of 240x120x20/35/50 cm.
6.- 1 Ground Rail of 400x5x30 cm.
7.- 1 Jump Box of 360x60x50 cm.

Marcos Ruiz, Youth Director at the Manilva Town hall said ‘There are various benefits to the new Skate Park; The Youth have a dedicated and professional area to develop their skills and they will not be disturbed or disturb any local residents. The park can also be very easily accessed using the cycle track which further promotes exercise the health for local residents’.

November 6, 2014

Promising development to boost the local economy

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The Manilva local economy is showing strong signs of improvement. 14 new opening licenses have been granted to local businesses this month. This positive development is a clear indicator the Manilvas business community are very optimistic about the growth in the local economy which in turn has a positive impact on employment, tourism, the property market and a development of interest in Manilva town.

The licenses have been granted to 2 Bars, 2 Hairdressers, 3 Estate Agents and 7 other small businesses. Manilva Department of Commerce commented ‘Its always satisfying to facilitate local business and projects which in turn strengthens the future of Manilva municipality’. They have also announced that they are currently working on new campaigns to aid businesses in Manilva and to make local business the first reference for local consumers.

November 4, 2014

Easyjet announce Bristol to Gibraltar flights starting April 2015

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Great News for tourism, business and residents of both Spain and Gibraltar is that Easyjet announced today that flights from Bristol to Gibraltar will commence in April 2015 with up to 3 flights per week. The low cost carrier already offers a service from London Luton to Gibraltar and due to the success of this route they intend to make the South West and Capital more accessible to Gibraltars growing tourism and finance industries.

Ali Gayward, easyJet’s UK Commercial Manager, said: “We’re really pleased to be introducing Bristol’s only direct air link to Gibraltar Airport.

“With a year round service, affordable fares and flight time of just over two and a half hours, we’re confident that it will prove a popular service for both business and leisure travelers. We will have more than 19,000 seats available on the new service next summer alone.”

Shaun Browne, Bristol Airport’s Aviation Director, added: “Bristol Airport is delighted to play its part in extending the air links between the UK and Gibraltar. The city of Plymouth in the South West has a strong connection to Gibraltar through its rich naval and marine industry history, and more recently the financial services sector plays an important role in both our economies. This new flight will provide easy access and improve connections for both business and leisure passengers.

The flights will go on sale at www.easyjet.com this Thursday, 6 November. Puerto de la Duquesas tourism and property business are sure to benefit from the increasing number of flights to Gibraltar. Accessibility and journey times from the South West of England will be dramatically improved making Puerto Duquesa as a holiday destination even more appealing. Barrington Holidays property owners are already enjoying an increase in bookings for 2015. The strong Pound, improvements in the economy and improved accessibility to Puerto Duquesa is sure to make 2015 a great year for tourism. Barrington Homes look forward to welcoming new and existing clients back to Puerto de la Duquesa in 2015.

November 3, 2014

5 reasons why Puerto de la Duquesa is the best place to buy property

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Spain seems to be turning a corner with more positive news about the countries economy, tourism and property sector being reported. The figures aren’t record breaking but a glimpse of good news and hints of an improving economy is big news given the crisis situation the country found itself in recent years. So jumping on the good news bandwagon here are five reminders why Spain is THE place for overseas property…

1. Convenience !
The Costa del Sol is arguably the most established destination for tourism and overseas second homes. This history has meant that the area is very convenient in terms of travel, accommodating the expat way of life and also convenient travel through established road and rail links throughout Andalucia allowing tourists to explore the varied attractions and places of natural beauty on offer here in Southern Spain. Most British airports boast direct flights to Malaga. The flight time is very comfortable and the low cost carriers and number of flights make prices very competitive. There are also currently daily flights into Gibraltar from an increasing number of UK airports. Car journeys from Gibraltar to Puerto de la Duquesa are a mere 25 minutes !

2. Spains developed market means there is something for everyone !
Spain and especially the Costa del Sol has a superb selection and range of properties. From 2 bedroom holiday homes, rustic fincas and Andalucian townhouses. There is something for everyone. Puerto de la Duquesa is an excellent up and coming market for any property investor or those looking for a holiday home in Spain. The established road links, proximity to Gibraltar for travel and work, local attractions and places its natural beauty make the Manilva area unbeatable as a place for property investment on the Costa del Sol.
Being a developed market in comparison to other lesser established ones that have gained in popularity over the last decade, Spain has established property laws and purchase procedures. The transparent property purchase procedure and clear set of property laws makes Spain an excellent choice for those looking for an overseas investment.

3. Affordability and stability
The property boom in supposedly up and coming countries turned investors heads with lures of short term gains and fantastic promises of investment and infrastructure. It has since proved to be unsustainable and the promises have not come into fruition. Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dubai and Turkey are no longer the investors choice and the property market is not established or robust enough to cope with the worldwide economic downturn.
Quality and long-term thinking have thankfully remained prominent in the majority of areas in Spain. This planning coupled with the established infrastructure has left the property market, although undoubtedly suffering from the downturn, in a strong position to bounce back once the economy recovers.

4. Established expat communities and strong Spanish culture
The Costa del Sol and surrounding areas throughout Andalucia deliver an ideal balance of traditional Spanish warmth and tradition as well as the cosy familiarity of some aspects of British life. The British and Spanish cultures although naturally greatly different work harmoniously to provide a superb way of life for those Brits looking to move or holiday in Puerto de la Duquesa. The balance of the lifestyle can be tilted to accommodate individual needs. From submerging yourself completely into the Spanish way of life to embracing all Spain has to offer when you choose, whilst maintaining the UK lifestyle, foods and social events catered specifically for expats and exclusively in the English language.

5. The weather
The weather is often the Costa del Sols main selling point and when you are swimming in the pool in October, sunbathing on your terrace in November, enjoying the comparatively light nights in December its clear to see why. It’s not simply the number of degrees but a way of life. The outdoor life, great air quality and blue skies simply boost your feel good factor and allow you to enjoy any activity you want throughout the year and spend longer outside throughout the day. Sounds basic but the difference once you live or holiday here is incredible.
Summer on the Costa del Sol is a long and glorious affair. May the temperatures start to heat up and it feels like summer is on its way. June to August is perfect with days on the beach or by the pool and warm nights spent having a BBQ or dining out in Puerto Duquesa Marina or nearby Spanish restaurants. It’s very typical for families to be out together enjoying the evening into the early hours of the morning.

Register now for IBI reductions at Manilva Townhall !

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The time period is now open to apply for a reduction in IBI payment in the Manilva area for the coming year. Last year property owners enjoyed a 20% reduction in the IBI fees for those who committed to a direct debit payment plan. The Finance Officer at Manilva Townhall reported “We are pleased to have financially helped families in this town who have benefited from this initiative” This percentage reduction along with additional Townhall incentives to pay the IBI by a bank direct debit meant that an example IBI payment was reduced from 300€ in 2014 to just 174€ in 2014 ! To qualify for any discounts property owners must be up to date with all property taxes, set up any future payment by direct debit and be registered at the townhall on the ‘empadronamiento’. Interested parties can register for these IBI reductions from today until the end of December at the Manilva Townhall in Manilva Village. Documents can also be printed from the Manilva Townhall website at www.manilva.es under the documents menu option.