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November 30, 2012

Painting Exhibition at La Duquesa Castle from Saturday December 1st 2012

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Manilva’s department of culture will be inaugurating the exhibition of paintings by Charo Gonzalez on Saturday December 1st 2012 at 19:00.

The artist, Charo González Iglesias was born in Algeciras and in 1968 moved to Cordoba where she joined the School of Applied Arts completing all the studies of drawing and painting.

art exhibition at El Castillo de La Duquesa, Manilva, Spain

Art exhibition at El Castillo de La Duquesa, Manilva, Spain

The activities begin with a series of collective exhibitions in whichwill appear \’Pintura outdoors \’, gardens of Victoria, Cordova, 1983 and 1984; \’Segunda A.S.A.P. auction \’, 1984; Traveling exhibition \’Artistas natives of Cordoba \’, cultural Jaima, Excma. County council, Cordova, 1984; it takes part in the \’Concurso Gaudí of Watercolor \’, Provincial Box of Savings in 1987 and 1991; exhibition in solidarity with Center America, Excma.Delegation of Cordova, 1988; collective to recover a picture of Rosemary of Towers, Gallery Architects’ School, 1989; collective in the Conference hall and Exhibitions of Cordova, 1988; exhibition Is Salted by Bartolomé Bermejo, of Cajasur, 1989; opening of the Room of art \’Ocre \’, 1989; collective in homage to Alfonso Ariza, Excma. County council, 1990; exhibition of drawings in Room of art \’Ocre \’, 1991.

The town councilor of Culture, Eva Galindo, recommends it would be a very pleasing way to pass some time over the next couple of weeks.

November 29, 2012

Manilva’s Foreigners Department trip to San Lucar de Barrameda a great success

The trip to San Lucar de Barrameda was such as success that another one is planned for next spring and 30 people have already put their names down for it.

A total of 52 people enjoyed this trip on the 17th November 2012, during which they visited the winery Museum Barbadillo, toured the city with a guide and also had some free time for lunch and shopping. In the afternoon they visited the factory of Christmas sweets La Rondeña, where people bought their polvorones etc.

Anyone interested in registering for the next trip in the Spring can call the Foreigners department on 952893548 or pop into their office at El Castillo de la Duquesa.

Give Manilva a treat this Christmas….

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Manilva’s department of trade and industry has organised  a campaign to encourage people to buy some of their gifts in the local shops this Christmas and thus help the economy of the Municipality.
Diego Díaz, Councillor for Trade and Industry  (Delegacion de Comercio) has announced the rules of this campaign which allows for everyone to participate on equal terms and have an equal chance of getting the benefits.

The campaign starts on December 3rd 2012 and runs until January 2, 2013 with the draw being held a day after its completion.

Campaign to invest in Manilva this Christmas

Give yourself a treat in Manilva

The campaign is called “En Navidad regalaté Manilva, compra en tu barrio, invierté  en tu pueblo.”  I have had a little trouble working out the English translation and am not sure if they are trying to say you give Manilva a present or treat yourself to Manilva or give Manilva a treat…can anyone help me! 🙂  But I think the essence is that we need to help our wonderful Municipality and those that have businesses here by spending some of the money we spend at Christmas by buying things from shops in Manilva pueblo, Sabinillas, La Duquesa and Castillo de La Duquesa.

The rules of  ‘ In Christmas, treat yourself to Manilva’, are:
-Only local retailers from the municipality of Manilva may participate in this program.
– Any person of legal age can participate, but not the owners and employees of an establishment with its own vouchers.
-The inscription must be done at the premises of the trade delegation situated in C/ Miguel Delibes S/n, Edf. de Usos Múltiples de Sabinillas. You can also do it by phoning 952 89 35 07.
-From the Town Hall will be delivery to each establishment a stubs 2 of 100 ballots each, for each voucher 15 euros offered by the establishment.
-From the establishment will be delivery to its customers from 1 participation for a purchase of 10 € or more.
-Prizes: Both vouchers discount of 15 euros as specific gifts to holders of winning ballots.
-The total amount of the award will need to spend in the same establishment in which the winning ticket has been delivered.
-The presentation of the award will be at the date agreed upon by the trade delegation and the winner of the prize. With a maximum period of 15 days after the draw.
-If the prize is not claimed, will be allocated to a future campaign equally to the promotion of local trade.
-The Organization reserves the right to publicize the name or image of the winner by the means or forms of communication that creates convenient, for the time deemed necessary and without any compensation to the same.
-When on the Bases not attributable to the Organization and unforeseen circumstances so warrant, the organization may if same, cancel, suspend or modify totally or partially the campaign without generating right to compensation in favour of dealers or participants.
-In all matters not provided, the organization can solve or establish the applicable criterion, inspiring the solution in the spirit of the campaign.

If you have a business that is going to participate in this campaign, please let me know and I will help promote what you are offering.  Likewise if anyone can recommend some great shops or gift ideas that you can buy in our wonderful Municipality of Manilva please let me know.

Arts and Craft Market in the Park at Villa Matilde, Manilva, 1st December 2012

This Saturday 1st December there will be an Arts and Crafts Market, organised by the Councillor of Education and Culture, Eva Galindo.  It will take place in the Park of  Villa Matilde (near Supersol on the road up to Manilva Pueblo).

Art and craft market Manilva

Art and Craft market in Manilva

40 artists will be participating in this initiative displaying painting, sculpture, crafts, workshops and art in general.

This art and crafts market will begin at 10: 00 and will run until 18: 00 h.   During the day you will be able to see artworks of all kinds performed with different artistic techniques. The artists will develop some of their works in situ for the enjoyment of all lovers of art.

Manilva’s Culture department aims for this market to set a precedent for future markets which will be held one Saturday every month at Villa Matilde.   Eligible artists of our municipality interested in displaying their works of art can contact the delegation of culture on 952 893 092.

November 26, 2012

Wine tasting at Villa Matilda 1st December 2012

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Manilva’s Foreign residents department has organised a wine tasting event at Villa Matilde (near Supersol) next Saturday 1st December from 12 noon.

It is in collaboration with Funmades – Fundacion Manilva Desarrollo – (The Manilva Foundation for Development) which has the task of promoting activities that help to advance Manilveños (people from Manilva) in terms of training and research into new sources of employment.  One such task is to boost the recovery of the wine making sector in Manilva which it is doing with Manilva Town Hall by providing professional training: The High School Wine Workshop and the Higher Degree in Wine at Las Viñas for young people between 18 and 24 years of age are course now available and launching the new ‘MOMA’ Moscatel wine of Manilva, a white wine made from 100% young Alexandrian moscatel grapes.

Ana Lamora, the teacher of the above courses will be talking about this initiative and the wines of the denomination of origin Sierras of Malaga, which Manilvas own locally processed wine MOMA, Moscatel de Manilva, intends to become part of.

Wines from the cellars of Malaga Virgen and Cortijo Los Olivares will be tasted aswell as Manilvas MOMA.

Diego Urieta explained that the objective pursued with this initiative is to foster the coexistence and participation of foreign residents in the activities of the municipality and also let them know about the products that are being developed in the province in a sector such as the wine industry.
Registration to participate in this tasting and later tasting of typical products from Malaga that go with the wines is 8 euros per person and places are limited to 30 people.

For more information and to register,  interested parties can contact by telephone 952893548 or visit the Foreign Residents department office at  Castillo de La Duquesa.

Manilva Tourism Department’s Photography Competition “Nuestra Esencias”

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Manilva’s department for Tourism has announced details of its photography competition “Our Essences” or “Nuestra Esencias”.

The aim is to reward pictures that best reflect the essence of the beautiful Municipality of Manilva.

Participation in this contest presupposes the full acceptance of all the clauses contained in these rules and in particular the authorisation of the author to publish to the Manilva tourism website and that of the municipality of Manilva and in any promotional publications made by the delegation of tourism as well as the transfer of rights.
As stated in the contest rules, it is eligible to persons 18 years and over and of any nationality and country of residence. Photographs need to be received between December 15, 2012 to May 30, 2013 inclusive.
Photographs may be submitted both in digital form and on paper. The photographs filed on paper shall have a minimum size of 15 x 21cm and there is no maximum limit. The photographs submitted in digital format will have a minimum of 1,600 X 1,200 pixels. Color and black and white photos will be accepted. Protected with glass works will not be accepted.
Those interested in the contest must send pictures via the formon www.turismomanilva.com. They must complete correctly all fields requested in the form.  Only pictures that are sent through the form above with the required data or  handed in at the tourist office located in the Puerto de la Duquesa or the office RTV of Manilva.
The photographs must be original, not presented in any previous contest and not edited with computer.  They must also specify its location which must be within the municipality of Manilva.
The jury, which shall be appointed by the delegation of tourism of the municipality of Manilva, reserves the right of interpretation of the bases and resolution of the cases not referred to, in accordance with their best judgment.  The result of the contest will be announced before the end of May 2013, and will be final.
All works are published on the website of the delegation of tourism, www.turismomanilva.com and will be showcased to the public the date of award of the same business day.

1st Prize: Plaque and 300€
2nd Prize: Plaque and 200€
3rd Prize: Plaque and 100€
Notes of interest:
-No author will get more than one prize.
-The winning photographs remain the property of the municipality of Manilva, which reserves all rights on them including playback, editing and display cultural, artistic, tourist and promotional purposes.
Participation in the contest implies the non-exclusive cession by the authors to the delegation of tourism of the municipality of Manilva, exploitation rights on the photographs, including rights of reproduction, collection, transformation, distribution and communication to the public, for the whole world, for the maximum period of time that recognizes the law to the rights holders and by any means or support.

Full details of the competition rules can be found on the municipal website www.manilva.es.

November 21, 2012

Weather in Spain – Autumn

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Autumn is a time when I often remind myself how lucky we are to live here in Manilva.

Yes it does rain sometimes but between these periods of rain we have the most incredible weather with bright blue skies and the sunshine lighting up the now lush green countryside.

Sunny Manilva one Autumn Morning

I prefer these days to the heat of the summer as the temperature is more or less a very comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect temperature for enjoying outdoor activities such as horse riding, cycling, hiking, playing tennis, golf and football or just taking a walk along the paseo (promenade).

View down La Duquesa Golf course to Sabinillas

View down La Duquesa Golf course to Sabinillas one Autumn morning

I particularly love taking in the scenery in the autumn mornings when I take the kids to school as the sun lights up Manilva and Casares and their beautiful countryside.

Stunning Manilva and Casares countryside in Autumn

The beautiful Manilva and Casares countryside in Autumn 2012

November 16, 2012

Autumn walk in Jimena November 25 2012

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Manilva’s  Environment department or Medio Ambiente has unveiled the program of hiking or senderismo for the autumn 2012.
Manilva Department for the Environment organised walk in Jimena de la Frontera

Manilva’s Environment Department has organised a hike to the vine presses  in Jimena, Cadiz, Spain

The next activity is scheduled for November 25  and they will travel to the winepresses or LOS LAGARES DE LAS VIÑAS in Jimena de la Frontera.

Distance: 11,000 m.
Difficulty: medium – low.GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS

Participants must be older than 10 years unless accompanied by an adult.

The physical condition of participants must be appropriate to
the distances and difficulty of the routes to perform and may
be refused access if the organisers deem necessary.

The deadline for reservations or requests will remain open until
Wednesday 21st November.

Departure time: 8:00pm approx. (There will be a bus taking those that need it to the route.)The price per route shall be EUR 5  which needs to be put in the account of Unicaja no. 2103 0153 23 0230000044

For more information Tlf: 951 27 60 50 – 952 89 38 78
E-mail: mambiente@ayto-manilva.com
Maximum 50 places available so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

This is a wonderful walk for nature lovers and those that appreciate the countryside.

Location, location, location

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Location, Location, Location

Location, location, location is what springs to mind when I think about this property.

LOCATION – because it is on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain which enjoys a wonderful climate and has a high quality infrastructure with superb roads, shops, hospitals and leisure facilities.
LOCATION – because it is in Bahia de Casares with stunning views eastwards across the sea towards Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Malaga.  And incredible views westward down the beaches of Sabinillas and La Duquesa and across the Straits of Gibraltar to Africa.
LOCATION – because it is in the prestigious urbanisation La Perla de la Bahia and is in the best location within this luxury development.

Imagine waking up to see the sunrise over La Torre and listening to the waves lapping on the beach.

View from the master bedroom at La Perla de la Bahia

Imagine waking up to this view at sunrise

Imagine being just footsteps from the beach and being able to walk or take a bicycle ride to Sabinillas or La Duquesa.

View of the coastline from La Perla de la Bahia, Casares to Sabinillas and La Duquesa Beaches

Footsteps from the beach at La Perla de la Bahia, Casares, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

Imagine sitting on your terrace and watching the world go by or enjoying a drink with friends while the sun goes down….

Imagine dining here

If this is the lifestyle you want and money isn’t really and object then this charming 3 bed penthouse apartment at La Perla de la Bahia is for you.

The current owners have enjoyed living there for the last 8 years or so but have decided to put it on the market as their family have now grown up and live at different ends of the world.

Front view of duplex penthouse apartment for sale at La Perla de la Bahia

Side view

Entrance view

Entrance view of duplex penthouse apartment for sale at La Perla de la Bahia

One of the pools and communal gardens at La Perla de la Bahia

One of the swimming pools and gardens at La Perla de la Bahia

The current owner befriended me one day when she saw me galloping along the beach on my horse to the Chiringuito beach bar La Sal.  She walked her dog down to me and introduced herself and asked whether she could come riding with me one day.  She did and we have become firm friends ever since either horse riding together or playing tennis at La Duquesa Golf Club

They use their duplex penthouse apartment as a holiday home and stay in it four or five times a year.  Apart from the exceptional aspect and beautiful Moorish design of the property, they love the fact that the urbanisation La Perla de la Bahia is so well managed – the gardens and pools (one heated in winter) beautifully maintained and security guards present 24 hours a day.  I know it is secure as when I visited it to take these photos I set the alarm off and within minutes someone was there!

If you are fortunate enough to afford the nicer things in life and are looking for a holiday home or a place to live then I thoroughly recommend you view this property – click here for more details

To arrange a viewing please email me at lucy@barringtonhomes.eu or leave a comment at the end of this blog.

If you know other people who might be interested please share this page.

November 14, 2012

Barrington Homes need more properties to sell

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The Barringtons team started early this morning to begin a marketing campaign to attract new buyers due to an unprecedented number of sales in 2012.

If you have a property in the Manilva, La Duquesa, Sabinillas, Casares to Estepona areas please visit us to find out how we can help sell your property.

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