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September 28, 2014

Spain welcomes a record number of tourists in 2014

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Spains tourist industry continues to thrive as record numbers of tourists visited Spain during August 2014. Records surpassed the 9 million mark which is a 9% increase on the same period last year.

Spain continues to be the most popular European destination for overseas tourism closely followed by France. Spain welcomes the most tourists from Britain which accounts for over 2 million of overseas visitors. French and German tourists also flocked to Spain making up the 2nd and 3rd largest groups respectively.

Its is expected that 2014 will be a record year for Spanish tourism with the final count likely to exceed 65 million tourists which will be a massive 5 million increase in 2013’s 60.6million visitors.
The recent expansion of Malaga and Gibraltar airports has meant a surge of visitors to the Costa del Sol in recent years due to the increase in flights and superb access to more areas throughout Andalucia. Puerto de la Duquesa has certainly reaped the benefits of its increase in family tourism to the area year on year.

Globally Spain remains the worlds third most visited country due to its superb climate, cities, beaches and family friendly tourist destinations. To book your next holiday in Puerto de la Duquesa visit www.barringtonholidays.com or to enjoy numerous holidays as well as generate a rental income from your Spanish property take a look at the fantastic properties available at www.barringtonhomes.eu

September 26, 2014

New Skate park in Sabinillas

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Another new fantastic sports facility in Sabinillas will be completed in approximately 1 month. The skate park is under construction near Urb. Residencial Duquesa beside the new bike path and public green zones. This superb attraction is aimed at Sabinillas youths to discourage them from using public areas and allowing proper facilities for them to develop their skills in this popular sport.

Manilva TV has coverage of the Skate park location and Antonia Muñoz, the Mayoress of Manilva celebrating the opening on Manilvas Skate park earlier in the year.


September 22, 2014

New business networking group for women in Manilva

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Business women in Manilva have united to improve their networking and professional relationships with the launch of the new networking group launched by Shaw Marketing Services and Costa Women. Over 40 business women from various sectors within Manilva business community met at Villa Matilde in Sabinillas. The initiative is supported by the Manilva Town Hall who provided the venue to demonstrate its commitment to supporting local business and promote the Manilva area.

The networking group will meet in Sabinillas every month to develop the new relationships with the aim to boost Manilvas economy and local business success.

Potential signs of recovery for the Duquesa Property Market

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Figures released last week by the Spanish Finance minister hint at a potential recovery in the economy after it has battled back from 2013 when Spain had its second recession in 5 years. It is widely understood that Spanish property prices have fallen between 30% and 40% over the past 6 years and in some regions and locations the percentage decrease is significantly more.

Last quarters Spanish property prices rose 1.7% which even though they are a long way from previous highs it is a clear indication that collapse of the Spanish Real Estate market may be in the past. In the Malaga province property transactions also increased by a remarkable 24% which indicates a return of consumer confidence to the Costa del Sol property market.

Here in Puerto de la Duquesa Barrington Homes have noticed that the domestic demand for property has not returned as yet but foreign interest in property in Manilva is undoubtedly increasing. This is potentially simply a reflection on the individual countries economic status. The result is a slow stabilising of property prices coupled with an increased demand from foreign investors in time the property market will undoubtedly recover.

2014/5 are certainly indicating several factors that contribute to the ideal time to buy a property in Duquesa. The stabilising property prices, return of buyer confidence in the Malaga region, increase demand from foreign investors in Duquesa property and also 2 year highs in currency exchange making the property in Duquesa even better value.

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September 19, 2014

Sterling at a 2 year high – best time in years to buy a property in Spain

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Sterling hits a 2 year record high reaching 1.27 against the Euro today. As property in Duquesa potentially hits its lowest levels in years now is the perfect time for British buyers to buy their dream home in Spain. The great news about the currency exchange rate means that the already great property bargains in Duquesa are now even cheaper for those who have Sterling to change to Euros.

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