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November 29, 2010

Christmas Fair in Monte Duquesa.

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The Christmas community spirit is alive and well at Monte Duquesa so join the people in your local community and support local businesses, when all is said and done; they deserve our help in the current climate.

 On Friday the 10th and again on the 17th December between 5-9pm there will be a Christmas Fair held in The Courtyard at Monte Duquesa. The local establishments will be offering mulled wine and mince pies and a selection of 20 local stall holders will be offering excellent gift ideas for Christmas.

 The Courtyard, Monte Duquesa is a great little area in our community and can be found just a short walk or drive up the hill from Puerto de la Duquesa.  For those who live or holiday in the surrounding urbanisations it is a handy alternative to the Port of Duquesa or the Sabinillas shops and restaurants.

 Duquesa Suites is a large and very popular urbanisation close by and I know that the summer customers who rented their holiday homes there, through Barrington Holidays, frequented the businesses in Monte Duquesa regularly and were thrilled to have the convenience of the bars, shops and restaurants close by. 

Barrington Homes currently have beautiful properties available to purchase in many of the surrounding urbanisations, including Duquesa Suites, Las Brisas and Monte Duquesa itself. If you are considering purchasing a property in the Duquesa or Manilva area, take a look at our property search. Barrington Homes are a respected and trusted real estate agency; we realise and appreciate the importance of your decision to purchase a property in Spain, that’s why you need the best possible advice from a reliable, well-established company. Our experience, professionalism and friendly approach have gained Barrington Homes an excellent reputation and one that we are very proud of. 

If you have a property to sell or would like some advice, contact us here directly or come to our office in Sabinillas; we would love the opportunity to help you to sell your property and you can rest assured that the same professionalism offered to purchasers extends to our vendors.

November 26, 2010

Manilva Goes Green

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Anybody who has passed through the area of Sabinillas behind Mercadona, will have noticed the beautiful Parque del Duque.  If you haven’t been there it is well worth a visit and as an extra enticement you should know that it has recently won a “Costa del Sol” award.  Situated in-between Mercadona and Maicandil School in Sabinillas and close to the Residencia Duquesa Urbanisation, the park is recognisable by the large toadstools visible from the road. My children and I are there regularly and I can vouch for the cleanliness and facilities, which are not just aimed at the kids, the park offers a keep fit area, entertainment area, water features and plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the Costa del Sol sunshine.

It seems that in the Duquesa and Manilva area we are being spoilt by the “green areas” on offer. Right next door to Parque del Duque there is a new zone being landscaped by developers, thereby introducing more leisure areas for holiday makers and residents alike to enjoy.  Over the past few years this area in Sabinillas has seen extensive infrastructure work, improving road links for the area and creating wide open spaces around the new housing developments.  The location is outstanding for either a permanent home, holiday home or an investment for long and short term rentals; with great access to supermarkets, restaurants, bars, schools, Puerto de la Duquesa, Manilva, Sabinillas town and the wonderful blue flag beach. It is fantastic to see Duquesa, Sabinillas and the Manilva area being regenerated and developed particularly during such difficult times for many.  The plans are to be completed early in the New Year and ready for the next summer season in Duquesa.  Barrington Homes currently have an apartment for sale in Residencia Duquesa with 100% finance available.  Residencia Duquesa boasts stunning tropical gardens, 4 swimming pools and beautiful courtyards that create a wonderful ambiance and tranquil living that is only minutes from amenities.

November 24, 2010

What do in an emergency

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During the 8 years of living here, my family and I have never been the victim of street crime. The Duquesa and Manilva area is very safe but if you are a new resident in Duquesa and Manilva or spending your holiday here and you find yourself in an emergency situation, the following information might help you.

The first thing to realise is that the language barrier will not be an issue so don’t panic.  There is a European telephone number now widely used in Spain and the operators will take calls in many languages including English.

When you cal 112 the operator will contact the local service that you require.

It is worth mentioning that the 061 number is for the emergency medical services and is used for life threatening incidents only and should not be used just for requesting an ambulance.

It is unusual in the Duquesa , Sabinillas and Manilva area but if you are the victim of street crime, such as bag or car theft the number you should use is 902 102 112.  This is another great service that will take all inconveniences and stress away, as the operators will talk to you in English.  Once you have reported the crime using this telephone number, go along to your chosen police station within 72 hours, sign the report and remember you will need the police reference number to use for any insurance claims so you must go through this process.

If you are looking for a holiday rental, a new home or property investment in the Duquesa, Manilva and Sabinillas areas, contact us here at Barrington Homes and Holidays and we will do everything we can to help you.

November 22, 2010

A Very Fat Tradition

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As all of us who live in Duquesa know that socialising is a very important part of life here, so much so it even reaches into the realm of lottery. Every year on the 22nd December, Spain hosts the Spanish Christmas Lottery or “Loteria de Navidad”, one of the biggest and oldest lottery prize pools in the world. The lottery’s roots are back in the year 1812 and it offers staggering prizes of up to 2.3 billion euros. The actual draw can take up to 5 hours from start to finish but you will find that it is such a huge part of Spanish culture that the whole country watches every second of it. The main prize draw is called El Gordo (the fat one), this alone has a prize fund of around €500 million which once distributed to the winning number holders can create around 200 millionaires, a very fat prize pool!

Because the lottery tickets are so expensive, around €200, it is usual for whole villages or families to buy a ticket and to share the prize fund amongst them, which makes El Gordo one more of many important social events in the Spanish calendar.  The good news is that the lottery doesn’t have just one winner and thousands of prizes are won each year so I for one will be asking Santa to visit early this year to leave a lucky lottery ticket in my stocking. If Santa isn’t an option for you, the tickets can be bought online and by typing Loteria de Navidad into Google you will find many sites to choose from. Also at this time of year you will find syndicates everywhere from your local bank to your child’s school or alternatively you could start your own syndicate with family and friends?  Fingers crossed everybody and if you are the winner, contact us here at Barrington Homes and we will help you to spend that hard earned lottery win on the Duquesa or manilva property of your dreams.

November 18, 2010

What is…?

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What is…Decree 218? 

Did you know that in accordance with the decree 218 from the Junta Andalucia, here at Barrington Homes Estate Agents in Duquesa, we are legally obligated to obtain the following information from vendors?

  1. Copy of the Title Deeds for the property (Escritura)
  2. Copy of the up to date Nota Simple.
  3. Copy of latest I.B.I (property tax) statement.
  4. Proof of last Community fee payments.
  5. Copy of latest utility bills (water and electric).

 It is imperative that this information is supplied to us in full because Barrington Homes estate agents are not legally allowed to advertise your property for sale until all above documentation has been received.

If you do not have any of these documents the Lawyer who acted on your behalf for the property purchase will be able to supply them, so if you are thinking about selling your Duquesa or Manilva property it may be worth gathering the documents together beforehand to speed up the process.

Thousands of Euros are spent on marketing Barrington Homes’ database of properties each year, making Barrington Homes  one of the leading independent agencies in the Duquesa and Manilva area. So it is vital that our sales and marketing team receive the information quickly in order for us to maximize the visibility of your Duquesa property.

Over the next few weeks I will be talking more about the buying and selling process in the Duquesa and Manilva area and about the terminology that you might come across. 

Keep reading and if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions, contact me here at Barrington Homes or email me at marketing@barringtonhomes.eu.

November 17, 2010

Useful information about Duquesa & the Manilva area

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Keep your eye on this page of our blog.

This is where you will be able to find all kinds of useful information in relation to Duquesa, Manilva and the surrounding areas.  It is our intention to keep building this page over the coming months and so whether you are new to the area or an regular face around Duquesa and Manilva, let us know if there is anything you would like to suggest that we post on this page.  Contact us at Barrington Homes or email me directly at marketing@barringtonhomes.eu

If you are looking to buy a property in Duquesa, Barrington Homes are a respected and trusted real estate agency, we realise and appreciate the importance of your decision to purchase a property in Spain. Buying a property in Spain is a dream for many, but it’s also a serious investment. That’s why you need to the best possible advice from a reliable, well-established company. Our experience, professionalism and friendly approach have gained Barrington Homes an excellent reputation and one that we are very proud of.

November 12, 2010

Introducing Claire Halliwell

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Claire Halliwell and I am the newest addition to the Barrington Homes team. You will be hearing a lot more from me over the coming months as I build a great information link on our website about Duquesa and the surrounding areas. By following our blog you will find out all kinds of news and information from local events to current market trends that will keep you up to date with relevant and useful information. If you are new to the area there will useful bits and pieces that will help you find your feet because I know just how difficult that can be and if you are looking for an investment property or a home, here at Barrington homes we can help you to make the right decision for you.

Don’t forget we also have our holiday rentals and long term rentals departments and as a family business established in the area since 2003 we have watched this area grow and been a part of it. The team not only know the Duquesa area and property market well but we can also help you to understand the often confusing legalities here in Spain; so if you are looking to buy or sell a property, rent your property or find a property to rent, will be able to help you with all your property needs.

If there is anything you would like us to talk about on the site or if you have any comments, contact me here at marketing@barringtonhomes.eu.

Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to our team in the office and put faces to names so look out for our personal profiles……..