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December 31, 2012

New Year, New Dreams and New Resolutions

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Are you the type of person who has big dreams that are difficult to achieve or a bucket list of smaller dreams which you can work towards throughout your life?

I fall into the latter and have achieved 4 of my personal dreams this year.

Many people in the UK dream of living in Spain and after spending the last two weeks in England I can understand why.  It has rained nearly everyday, the skies are grey and dreary, it gets dark early and the roads and shopping centres are overcrowded.

A beach in England in December

I am sitting in my childhood bedroom looking out at the grey sky and craving for the blue sky therapy that I get when I look out of my bedroom window in my home in Spain.  It is true what they say it really does make you feel happier.

A beach in Manilva in December

Don’t get me wrong,  I have loved being back in England for Christmas with my family and friends, and there is no where else I would rather spend Christmas.  But there is no where in the world that I would rather live than Manilva.  It is a place where dreams come true.

So if you are one of those people who dream of living in Spain, take that first step and come and visit Manilva for a holiday and discover whether it is a place where your dreams can come true too.

December 4, 2012

Disney in Concert at Inces Hall Gibraltar -7th and 8th December 2012

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If you love the music from the Disney films and are thinking about doing some Christmas shopping in Gibraltar this weekend, combine the two and go and see Disney in concert this Friday or Saturday at Inces Hall Theatre, Gibraltar.

Disney in Concert at Inces Hall Theatre Gibraltar on 7th and 8th December

Popular songs from the Disney shows will be sung by some of the stars from the very successful Les Miserables in Concert that was performed in St Michaels Cave and Armstrongs, Manilva in May this year.

Tickets can be bought from Sacarellos News Agent on Main Street Gibraltar and are £7.50 for adults and £5 for under 12s and over 60’s.

If you want to check availability leave a comment and I will find out for you.


December 1, 2012

Amazing weather in La Duquesa, Manilva on the first day of winter

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Today is officially the first day of winter and what a beautiful day it has been.

I was up early to get my husband’s car through the ITV (Spains version of the MOT) at 8.25 in Estepona and on the journey back home enjoyed the stunning views that the early morning sun was lighting up.

Luckily I had taken my camera with me so I took advantage of having some kid free time and went on a photo and video taking spree.

La Duquesa and Estepona Mountain

Puerto de La Duquesa, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Spain

Everywhere I went there were stunning views to take photos of and to prove it really is winter I took one of the snow capped mountains that I could see from La Paloma, Manilva.

Snow capped mountains seen from Manilva, Costa del Sol, Southern Spain

I had such a lovely day and it truly made me feel very fortunate and happy to live in such a special place as Manilva.  I have decided to share with you some more pictures over the next few weeks and have set myself a challenge to write 100 reasons why I love living in the municipality of Manilva, Spain.