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January 19, 2011

The anti-smoking law benefits families in the Duquesa Area.

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The smoking ban that has recently taken place in Duquesa and the whole of Spain is one of the strictest in Europe. Smoking has been banned in all bars and restaurants in Duquesa, Sabinillas, Manilva and Casares Costa areas and smoking will also be prohibited on television broadcasts, near hospitals or in school playgrounds.

The law tightens anti-smoking restrictions that were introduced in 2006 and came into effect on the 1st January 2011. The anti-smoking rules introduced in 2006 outlawed smoking in the workplace, but let bar and restaurant owners choose whether or not to allow it. Most chose not to impose any ban and only large restaurants and bars were obliged to provide a smoke-free area.

Duquesa, Sabinillas and Spain in general have a strong cafe culture this is one of the joys of being in Spain either as a visitor or resident and I believe that this is a huge step forward for the Duquesa area. The whole of the Manilva and Duquesa area is now far more family friendly and holiday makers, visitors and residents of Duquesa can rest assured that they and their children are in a smoke free environment when they take them out to eat and socialise.

January 11, 2011

What is…?

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What is an Escritura?

An escritura is the title deed to your property.

Last time, I talked to you about the Decree 218 and mentioned that when selling your property in Duquesa you will need to provide a copy of your escritura to Barrington Homes.

If you have bought a property here in Duquesa, Manilva, Sabinillas or Casares Costa you will have received a copy of your title deeds (or Escritura).  This is a copy of a notarised document (i.e. granted in the presence of a Notary Public), of which the notary’s office keeps the original in their files forever. There are escrituras for many different purposes but in the case of real estate property acquisition, these escrituras constitute the acquisition agreement itself (i.e. the document that contains the basic terms of an acquisition, such as price, means of payment, charges and expense distribution, several tax-wise stipulations, etc.). This type of escritura, of which I repeat, the Notary keeps the original, is the only document (with extraordinary exceptions) that could originate a record on the Land Registry, establishing your ownership in a formal and undisputed way.

When selling a property with us at Barrington Homes, we insist on having a copy of the escritura, along with all other legal paperwork on file and in accordance with the Junta de Andalucia’s decree 218.  Our full time experienced team, focus on providing a dedicated and in-depth service from the time you instruct us to sell your home right through until the day you move. If you have bought a property for an investment we will manage all aspects of your lettings, either long term or holiday rentals.

Don’t forget that you can contact us through our web site www.barringtonhomes.eu or feel free to contact me directly with any ideas or information you would like to see on our blog or website. marketing@barringtonhomes.eu

January 4, 2011

Welcome to the New Year

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Happy New Year to you all and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2011. 

Here we are at the beginning of another year and who can believe that another 12 months has flown by. January not only welcomes in fresh beginnings and resolutions but also the sun. Duquesa is basking in wonderful temperatures that those in the UK can only dream about during their big freeze.

Barrington Homes and Barrington Holidays have been very busy since returning to the office on the 3rd January. Our holiday rentals department is already taking bookings for the summer season. We have beautiful properties available to rent in the hugely popular Marina del Castillo, Marina de la Duquesa, La Perla and many more wonderful urbanisations. If you fancy a winter sun break or a summer holiday in our beautiful Duquesa area, contact Barrington Holidays or browse through our long let and holiday let properties at www.barringtonholidays.com.

In the sales and marketing team at Barrington Homes we are very busy preparing for the year ahead. We are increasing the marketing and visualisation of our vendor’s properties by creating partnerships with UK agencies and introducers.

We are now on Facebook where all our properties will be listed, we are tweeting on Twitter regularly and throughout the year we will be introducing to our sites, videos of the Duquesa, Manilva, Casares Costa and Sabinillas areas, the local urbanisations and selected properties that we have for sale.

If you are considering selling your property in Duquesa contact us here at Barrington Homes or come along to our office in Sabinillas and we will offer you the best advice and guide you through the selling process in Spain.

If you want to take advantage of the great property prices available in Spain at the moment and you are considering purchasing a home or an  investment, take a look at our property listings page, we are adding new properties all the time and offer a complete aftersales service from furnishing your new home to managing your new investment.