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Currency Exchange with Barrington Homes

Whether you require a currency transfer for your property purchase or mortgage payments it is always beneficial to transfer your money using a reputable currency transfer company. They offer preferred exchange rates and no commission. You can also take advantage of transfer systems which will guarantee an exchange rate which means that any unexpected fluctuations in the exchange rates wont affect you directly.

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Buying Property Abroad

A big consideration of buying a property abroad has to be the exchange rate that you will pay. These fluctuations could make a big difference to the actual cost of your new property. Setting the rate of exchange and securing the price that you will eventually pay for your new property will give you extra confidence in buying abroad and also may help lower your mortgage payments !

Regular Payment Plan

Do you have a requirement for regular payments to be sent overseas?

Whether you are servicing a foreign mortgage or regularly need to return or send income or other funds to a foreign country First Rate FX can simplify this process for you and save you money at the same time.

First Rate FX Ltd can offer a regular payment service that is tailored to your personal needs, the benefits of which include -

No transfer charges!

Unlike most banks and other financial houses First Rate FX will not charge you any transfer fees at all. (This alone could save you over £300 per year if you are sending monthly payments).

No commission!

Typically banks charge around 2% commission per transfer. First Rate FX will not charge you any commission at all.

A Fixed Rate of Exchange

First Rate FX can buy your currency in advance for you at a set rate. This means that you pay the same amount each month regardless of the currency market fluctuations. We guarantee that the rate you are offered will be the most competitive in the market.

Hassle Free!

Once you have decided you want to use a currency transfer company just complete the form near the top of this page. An advisor will call you and within a few easy steps you can make regular easy payments and save yourself money !

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