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Tarifa, home of surfer dudes, beach bums, hippies. Tarifa is a mecca for anyone wishing to unwind and enjoy a relaxing day out. The beaches in and surrounding Tarifa are incredible and in my opinion Europes answer to the Caribbean. The white sandy beaches stretch for miles and the skyline is dotted with kit surfers and windsurfers. Any of the selection of beach bars are a great place to spend the day looking out to sea and people watching.

As a beach lover here you are spoiled for choice. You can walk along the beach for miles, soaked up the sun on the beach, braved the elements and had a surfing lesson or sipped cocktails at the bar overlooking the Atlantic.

As summer approaches Tarifas beaches will become a hive of activity for watersports. Numerous international events are taking place most weekends and you will see why Tarifa is the watersports capital of Europe. Even if you arent a sports fan the events are amazing and the ambience that is created is addictive.

The town itself is charming, as is the culture, there are an abundance of chill out cafes, surf shops and modern bars. Tarifa is a great place to wind down and soak up the atmosphere. The centre of the town is enclosed in the old fortress walls which adds to the charm and appeal of Tarifa.

Tarifa also has a bustling harbour where the Fast ferry to Morrocco takes you to a different continent in only 35 minutes !

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