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Sierra Nevada

Andalucia is an incredible place to live due to its diversity, weather, history and location. As hundreds of thousands of people come to the area each year both to visit and to set up home I imagine that very few take advantage of what Andalucia really has to offer. This who take the plunge wont regret it. One the top of anyone's priority list should be Sierra Nevada.

Every aspect of the Sierra Nevada resort from pricing to easy to use facilities and the range and quality of the slopes is impressive. Over 44 Million Euros has been invested in Sierra Nevada as part of a staggered investment scheme which is due to end in 2007. These include hotel improvements, cameras that have been set up at key points throughout the resort to provide visitors with information such as wait times and weather conditions, Chairlifts have been extended to reduce queuing times and fifteen new snow cannons have been installed to improve conditions. The continuous improvement of this resort makes Sierra Nevada an increasingly popular ski destination and the reason why over 1 million visitors came to the area in the 04/05 winter season.

With 84 kilometres of pisted runs, 2 cable cars, 16 chairlifts, 2 T-bar drag lifts and 3 conveyor belts a base level of 2,100m and top station of 3,300m Sierra Nevada is one of the principal destinations for winter sports lovers. The majority of runs were either blue or red and there are more challenging runs further afield which would suit even the most accomplished skier or snowboarder. Once you approach the summit of the first cable car the majority of runs are clear to see. The pistes enjoy the sun for the majority of the day and they are wide, there is plenty of room even on the busiest of days. The pistes are real confidence builders for beginners or those who haven’t skied for a while.

Sierra Nevada is easily accessible from anywhere in the Costa del Sol and adds to the attraction and uniqueness of the area. There are few places in the world where you can ski and swim in the sea on the same day!

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