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Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is the place to be and be seen in the Costa del Sol. It is here that multimillionaires moor their mega yachts, park their Ferraris and spend their days shopping in the Jewellery boutiques and designer fashion houses.

Puerto Banus is atmospheric by day and buzzing by night. A must in Puerto Banus is to peruse the world famous fashion houses that line the huge marina, to relax by the enormous private yachts in one of the chic cafes and soak up the ambiance of this extremely luxurious environment.

Puerto Banus has several exciting attractions including a multi-cinema complex, huge shopping centres, casino and harbour cruises. As the sunsets over Puerto Banus the Alfresco bars, piano clubs, restaurants and nightclubs come alive making this a fantastic nighttime experience.

Puerto Banus is centred by the marina, lined with streets of designer boutiques and cafes and expands to beautiful white sandy beaches that are home to several trendy bars and is backed by imposing mountains. It is for this reason that it attracted the rich and famous and remains a millionaires' playground.

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