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Jimena de la Frontera

To the very South of Andalucia, in Europe yet close to Africa, in the Mediterranean yet close to the Atlantic, in the mountains yet close to the sea…stands out Jimena de la Frontera, a land without frontiers.

The castle, which is one of a chain of defensive systems guarding Spain, was declared a National Monument in 1931 watches serenely and majestically over the village of Jimena de la Frontera. Its past originates in the depths of history and it has been home to a variety of settlers including Arabs, Carthaginians, Romans, Iberians and Greeks all who have influenced the structure and development of this picturesque whitewash traditional village.

Jimena de la Frontera forms part of the boundary for "Los Alcornocales" Natural Park, one of Europes largest Mediterranean forests and separates the Guadiaro and Hozgargante Rivers making this beautiful village a hub of activity for animal and bird life. The local area is dominated by water chutes and deep valleys that form a microclimate and preserve the forests that date back to the Terciary Era of pre-history. Its principal species of vegetation include the Cork Oak (which gives the forest its name), Wild Olive, Miniature Palm, Rhododendrons and several varieties of Oak and Heather. The unique and varied animal life in the forest include deer, roebuck, otters, wildcats and badgers. The rich variety of predators are an impressive sight in the forest. Imperial and Royal Eagles, Owls, Falcons and Hawks command the skies and are typical of this region. Los Alcornocales is also home to one of the greatest concentrations of Vultures in Europe making this an exciting and interesting area for nature and bird watching.

Jimena de la Frontera is undoubtedly a superb destination for nature and history lovers as well as being a ‘must see’ for any visitor who will be taken in by the charm, variety and beauty of this ancient village. Visitors leave already planning their return and wondering why a place steeped in history and diversity can remain virtually unknown given its proximity to the coast.

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