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The once Roman settlement of Gaucin derives its name from the Arab word “Guazan” meaning strong rock and was perhaps christened as such due to its commanding position against the mountain range of Sierrania de Ronda. The contrast of this stark whitewash village enclosed by infinite countryside and nestled between olive groves, orange trees, a multitude of wild flowers and cultivated gardens provides a picturesque setting and clearly would be the pride of any artist´s canvas.

The magnificent “Castillo de Aguila” Eagles Castle dates from the Roman era and was later expanded into an Arab fortress. The castle was named due to the eagles that could be seen circling the towers and more recently is home to kestrels nesting in the castle walls.

This traditional and pretty setting steeped in history lends itself to several pastimes. Concerts, recitals and flamenco performances all take place within the castle.

Home to many artists and enthusiasts Gaucin offers numerous opportunities to appreciate the array of structures and colours throughout the winding narrow streets that were once a haven for brandy and tobacco smugglers.

The magnificent mountain village of Gaucin is a beautiful place to visit and offers spectacular and unique attractions. Seated 626 metres above sea level Gaucin is a must for all visitors who will undoubtedly enjoy the customs and traditions of this enchanting place

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