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Estepona is a lively coastline town that enjoys every amenity and attraction of a city yet maintains the character and charm of a traditional Spanish town. The cobbled narrow streets create a quaint and atmospheric centre that is the home of several traditional Tapas bars and cafes.

Estepona is a remarkably well-kept town. Its main roads are lined with palm trees and display immaculately well tended flowerbeds throughout the central reservations and walkways making them a pleasure to stroll along. The pristine beach stretches for miles and is paralleled by an impressive and spacious promenade and is a popular and pretty area of the town.

The Marina at the west end of town is a delight for those looking to meander the boardwalks, enjoy the cafes, restaurants and later the lively bars. Estepona is traditionally a fishing town and as such has several historical monuments and features.

Due to tourism Estepona has rapidly expanded to become a beautiful modern place, which with its interesting history and friendly community has succeeded in maintaining its old town charm.

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