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After leaving the Costa del Sol and travelling past Gibraltar on the CN-340 the contrast between the expanding towns, abundance of golf courses and bustling communities of the Costa del Sol to the uninterrupted rolling countryside, desolate golden sandy beaches and stunning coastal views of the Costa de la Luz is amazing. Going around that “corner” is like going to another land….the coastline is breathtaking and the backdrop of Africa across the ocean it is a painter’s paradise.

Cadiz is home to a famous Carnival which has actually been copied from the carnival of Venice, a city with which it had much trade, and since then it has become the liveliest and most dazzling carnival town in mainland Spain, famous for its amusing and creative figurines and satirical song groups. The carnival is the fiesta of the people. It is a reaction against the abstentions and prohibitions of all types. This fiesta attempts to break social order and liberalise instincts, helped by wearing masks and fancy dress. Local groups of funny fellows make up satirical ditties in a parade which sends the whole city into a state of frenzy.

Cadiz stands on a peninsula jutting out into a bay, and is almost entirely surrounded by water making it a beautiful area as well as easy to navigate. After travelling through unspoiled scenery there is a huge contrast as you approach Cadiz which is a very thriving industrial port as well as a major strategic point in Spain which is steeped in history. The old, central quarter of Cadiz is famous for its picturesque charm. The old city looks quite Moorish in appearance and is intriguing with narrow cobbled streets opening onto small plazas. Each plaza is a hive of activity with friends and families enjoying the day at a local café.

Cadiz as all cities has something for everyone. It is a great place to spend the day whether you choose to roam around the old churches and squares or enjoy a beach day out. A great option would be to take a City Tour which is the 24hr open top bus tour (10€ per person). This allows you to explore the city at your leisure and not miss out on the important sights. For more information about this and a city map log on to A collection point for this is at the Plaza San Juan de Dios by the car park.

Cadiz is just one of the great historical cities that are within our easy reach. Cadiz due to its diversity will appeal to people of all ages and interests. It is definitely worth visiting for the day or weekend. If you are lucky enough to experience the carnival it is a real treat.

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